What are the characteristics of the password door lock?

- Jun 11, 2019-

Smart Metal RFID Lock.jpg

A password door lock is a type of lock. When we open it, we no longer use the key, and use some columns of numbers or symbols and text to unlock it, some are mechanical code locks, and digital code locks.

The password door lock uses a turntable, and then rotates the disc and the cam inside the lock. There is also a password door lock that rotates a set of dials with numbers and then drives the internal machinery to use.

The password door lock mainly does not use the key, and does not use the power supply, and does not generate pollutants. And they are all mechanical structures, so they can withstand some harsh environments and therefore have a wider range of applications. The operation of the password door lock is very simple, and the unlocking time will be shorter and more durable.

Password locks are now more popular than password locks. This is mainly composed of only monitors and our electronic locks.