What are the conditions for a functional fingerprint lock?

- May 10, 2019-

What conditions should a good fingerprint password lock have? Now the market is full of fingerprint locks. Look at its bright exterior, it's really tempting! A good fingerprint lock, the main thing is not its bright appearance, but the quality of the true connotation! What conditions should a good fingerprint lock have?


The first is security

As an anti-theft product, the lock loses its meaning if it can't prevent theft. Security against theft seems to be a fiction. Therefore, security is the first to do be a fingerprint lock.

The second is the speed and rate of fingerprint recognition

As a fingerprint lock, the purpose is to facilitate, do not need to carry the key, find the key. However, if fingerprint identification speed is too slow, it may not be able to open the door many times, which will seriously affect the promotion of products. MAKE fingerprint password lock has high ability of active conditioning, high recognition speed and recognition rate for fingerprint dry humidity, residues, skin-breaking fingerprint deformation and other conditions.

The third is easy operation

The existing fingerprint lock manufacturers choose silicone keys, LED display, and it is necessary to remember the code. The fingerprint lock of MAKE uses Chinese and English screen display, touch screen skills, easy to operate.