What are the standards for combination locks?

- Jun 25, 2019-

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With the popularity of intelligent home life, the password lock security door is gradually popular. The combination lock is essentially a mechanical lock that USES a built-in electronic program to control the motor, which, upon receiving instructions, rotates and opens the mechanical lock. Good locks still have some criteria, such as the most important lock core level. An intelligent lock must have a mechanical key to spare to open the door, so the most important criterion for an intelligent lock is whether the lock core is above class b. Other criteria are whether there is an emergency power supply to charge, whether fingerprint identification is rapid, whether it can lock back, whether it can control the lock and so on.

Password lock security door purchase standard 1. Generally speaking, the fit of locks is poor in Korean fingerprint locks. The product price is more friendly to the people. Security lock door is the inevitable product of rapid development of science and technology, its security can be guaranteed, but the world is not a lock is 100 percent safe, usually have enough anti-theft awareness, so as to ensure the safety of home.