What is a hasp lock?

- Apr 04, 2019-

Hasp Lock with Combination Padlock.jpgThe hasp lock is a multi-purpose buckle lock for single and double open doors and windows, cabinets and drawers for push-pull or pull-up. The lock body with the lock core is rotatable around a pin fixed to the lock seat, and the lock tongue is integrally connected with the lock core, and the lock tongue seat is provided with a corresponding groove corresponding to the bolt of the tongue, and the lock body can cover Lock tongue seat.

The utility model has the anti-theft property of the dark lock and the installation simplicity of the buckle, the lock and the buckle are integrated, the anti-smashing and anti-dial is more safe and reliable; the appearance is beautiful, the design is unique, ingenious, has certain decorative beautification effect; and the structure is simple and easy Manufacturing. Simply change the lock seat to fit all types of single or double doors, bins and drawers.

The history of the hasp lock dates back to World War II, and Germany's strategic intentions have expanded to the whole world. To achieve this goal, Germany's military reserve needs a lot of transportation and use. Huge mechanical transportation requires a large number of boxes. Of course, the box needs to be installed with a locking piece that is convenient and fast and can be repeatedly opened/closed and has a very stable safety. At this time, an unknown mechanical accessory is born. ——The invention of the hasp lock and the buckle promotes the pace of human progress. From military use to aerospace, ship shipping, medical technology, to civilian and civilian use, the hasp lock plays an indisputable role.