What is a padlock?

- Mar 20, 2019-

Round Combination Metal Padlock.jpg

Padlocks are the oldest and largest family in the world of locks. It can be said that other locks are derived from the class of padlocks. The lock body of the padlock is provided with a ring-shaped or a straight-shaped metal stem which can be fastened, that is, a lock beam, so that the padlock is directly connected with the lock body through the lock beam to form a closed-type lock.

Due to the structural characteristics of the padlock, it is determined that the padlock is convenient and flexible to use and has a wide range of uses. It can replace other locks, and other locks can not replace the padlocks. It is an ideal anti-locking device, but the padlock must be interlocked with the convex holed parts of the closed object to play the latching effect. The function of closing and opening can be used inside and outside, so it can not be applied in some occasions. For example, in some occasions where the decorative requirements are high or the supporting locks are required, it is generally not suitable to use padlocks.

Classification of padlocks There are many types and specifications of padlocks. Generally, the size of the locks is determined according to the width of the lock body. The use of the locks is determined according to the height of the lock beams. The locks are straight, open, open, double open, etc.