What is the best Smart Lock 2019?

- Sep 29, 2019-

What is the best Smart Lock 2019?

The following points should be noted when selecting locks:

1. Compared with the weight of the lock, the heavier the lock core is, the thicker the material is and the more wear-resistant it is. On the contrary, the material is thin and easy to be damaged.

2. Watch the surface smoothness of the lock, whether it is delicate and smooth, without spots.

3. Buy locks with high brand reputation as far as possible to support quality and durability.

4. Open repeatedly to verify the sensitivity of the core spring.

Installation of locks should wait for the paint to be thoroughly air-dried, otherwise, the volatiles of the paint and the coating on the surface of the locks will produce chemical reaction, which will lead to fading and mottling and affect the visual effect.