What is the current status of electronic keypad locks?

- Mar 15, 2019-

Black Metal Electronic Keypad Lock.jpg

With the continuous injection of high-tech traditional locks, the security function of locks has been fully extended and expanded. Intelligent electronic locks have become an indispensable member of today's security-level security systems. Its status and role is any machine. Locks cannot be replaced. Due to its huge market potential, many companies at home and abroad have invested considerable manpower and material resources in the development and production of intelligent electronic locks.

From the current market in China, domestic consumers are not too aware of electronic locks. From the current state of the art, the application of domestic metal electronic keypad locks is mainly low-end products, mainly used for security equipment such as safes and safes. There are fewer high-end products on facilities with higher security requirements such as residential and office.

From the perspective of foreign markets, due to people's high security awareness, R & D and production technology is more advanced, the use of intelligent electronic locks is more extensive. In economically developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, electronic locks have become an important industry with economies of scale. However, the electronic keypad locks produced abroad are expensive, and are relatively higher than domestic similar products. Whether it is a foreign product or a domestic product, the single-door electronic lock controller has a relatively large capacity, but for a small number of users such as the home, the use cost is too high. Therefore, researching a kind of intelligent metal electronic keypad lock with low price, high reliability, complete functions and small capacity is a problem that we need to study and solve.