What should an excellent smart locker lock need?

- Dec 19, 2019-

In daily life, whether at home or in offices, baths, saunas and other places, everyone needs to use a variety of lockers to store their personal belongings. In order to protect our belongings or privacy, we often need to lock the locker.

As the advancement of technology and the increase of people's safety requirements, the locks used in lockers are also constantly updated and upgraded. With the advent of the era of intelligent electronic locks, intelligent locker locks have gradually replaced traditional locks such as padlocks and mechanical locks, making lockers more and more convenient and intelligent .

So, as an important line of defense for lockers safety, what basic self-cultivation should an excellent intelligent locker lock have? MAKE will take you to find out!


Part1: safe and reliable

It has been thousands of years since the lock was born. Since its inception, providing people with security is a basic function that locks must have, as is intelligent electronic locks.

MK720 is an RFID intelligent electronic lock. It adopts RFID ray identification technology and users can unlock by inducting the card. At the same time, two lock tongues are designed on the side of the lock. When the user closes the door, the lock tongue will lock the locker firmly, so it is very safe and reliable. Users can also safely store the items in the locker equipped with MK720 intelligent electronic lock.

Part 2: Convenient and Fast

With the continuous development and maturity of the lock industry, the convenience of locks has also become one of the factors considered by the public. In life, losing or forgetting to bring a key is often an important problem that bothers you and me.

MK720 intelligent electronic lock is equipped with a bracelet key. Everyone who uses the locker can open their own locker by carrying a plastic hand strap. If you accidentally lose the key, it doesn't matter. The MK720 is equipped with 3 levels of guest, management and universal keys. Users can open the door through the universal key or management key, so it is very convenient and worry-free.

In terms of installation, the MK720 uses a buckle to replace the traditional screw-fixed installation, which will not damage the overall aesthetics of the locker, and is very convenient to install, saving a lot of time and labor costs.

Part 3: Fashion and Simplicity

The improvement of the aesthetic level and the pursuit of elegant living tastes have increased the public's requirements for the value of locks. A stylish and exquisite lock can not only decorate our daily life, but also highlight our aesthetic level and life taste.

MK720 uses ABS material, and the white design shows the beauty of fashion and simplicity (the colors can be customized according to user needs). When the user unlocks, MK720 will beep in combination with the two-color LED lights, which is intuitive and clear; at the same time, MK720 flat shape fits the locker door together, forming a unique aesthetic with the door, which can bring everyone different visual experience.

Part 4: Unique Advantages

In this era of fierce competition in intelligent electronic locks, if you want to occupy the market and win the hearts of consumers, it is not enough to rely on the above cultivation. Though most intelligent electronic locks are simple and convenient, they also have a fatal disadvantage. They cannot be used normally in harsh environments such as low pressure, cold, high temperature, humidity and dust.

There is an external emergency power supply hole under the MK720. When the electronic lock is in a low voltage state or there is no power, the user can emergency charge it through the emergency power supply without worrying about the item cannot be removed.

The material used in MK720 makes it waterproof, moisture-proof, and corrosion-resistant. At the same time, the temperature of its normal use environment is -15 ° C to 65 ° C, and the relative humidity is 5% to 95%. It can also be used normally in humid environments, and is especially suitable for all kinds of metal, wood, plastic lockers and doors in swimming pools, baths, saunas and other places.

The emergence of intelligent lockers has brought us a convenient, safe and fast life experience. In the future, I believe that with the advancement of technology, more and more convenient, safer and more humane intelligent lockers will appear in front of everyone. Xiamen MAKE Security Technology Co., Ltd. will uphold the mission of providing security protection and continue to provide everyone with more high-quality intelligent locker lock products!