What types of cam lock can be divided into?

- Jun 04, 2019-

Core Changeable Cam Lock.jpg

Triangular tongue lock: The lock cylinder of this type of tongue lock is solid triangle, one-shaped, square. Their keys are shared and widely used in industrial equipment. The material is mainly zinc alloy, and stainless steel is used in a small number of occasions.

Plum ball lock: refers to the internal structure control lock rotation of the lock pin is a copper marble. These locks are large in size and have seven marbles that can reach nearly 10,000 keys. Safety should be very good.

Blade cam lock: Refers to the internal structure control lock. The lock pin is a metal blade. This type of tongue lock is simple in structure and easy to process.

Anti-theft tongue lock letter box lock: This lock can be equipped with three-point steel bolts and connecting rods to realize the heaven and earth lock function. It is an easy-to-install magnetic core ball lock.

Take the magnetic magnetic tongue lock of the marble, the rare earth high-energy permanent magnet material used by Xiamen Meike has a small volume and strong magnetic force, and the natural degaussing is less than one ten thousandth in a hundred years, which is permanent and reliable. Can be customized according to customer requirements! Material and surface treatment: The lock body is made of zinc alloy, the lock surface is polished and chrome-plated; the padlock tongue is galvanized steel plate. The key is a magnetic core key with a chrome finish.