Which locks are used in the locker of the beach

- Jul 24, 2020-

With the arrival of the hot summer, the cool and relaxing beach has become the first choice for many people, especially in the summer vacation. Bringing children to the beach can not only cool off the heat, but also increase the parent-child time. When we go to the beach to play, the locker is an indispensable equipment. The locker of the beach locker provides security for everyone's belongings.

With the continuous upgrading of the services provided by the beaches, lockers have become a necessary facility for every beach. The safety of consumers' belongings depends on locker locks. So, what locks do bathing lockers use, and how safe are they? Come and have a look with us!

Mechanical key lock: Mechanical key lock is a kind of lock that seaside bath is more commonly used, also be a kind of lock that consumer is the most familiar with. Mechanical key locks are easy to use and low in price, so they are widely used in lockers. But because key locks are not in high secure and easy to copy, it is easy to occur money and items stolen phenomenon.

Code lock: A code lock is a lock that is mechanically closed by entering a code. It includes two types: mechanical code lock and electronic code lock. The security performance is greatly improved compared to key locks. The operation of the password lock is relatively simple. Consumers only need to remember the password to input, without the key, so that everyone can have more fun. When the password is forgotten, both the management key and the password can be unlocked, so it is easy for management. If the password is forgotten, the search tool can retrieve the password easily.


RFID lock: Users can realize the second opening by using the RFID card/bracelet/pass and other induction tools, bringing us a high-tech and intelligent experience. This unlocking method abandons the way of mechanical key unlocking and solves the problem of key easily lost.


Fingerprint lock: As everyone's awareness of personal safety and privacy protection grows stronger, fingerprint locks are gradually being applied to the lockers of beaches. The fingerprint lock can be unlocked quickly with finger operation. This unlocking method is not only smart and convenient, but also very safe. Only the user can open it, bringing you a high-tech experience. However, the cost of fingerprint locks is relatively high compared to other locks, it is generally suitable for some upscale beaches.


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