Why electronic locker locks are so popular

- Dec 05, 2019-

In our daily life, we often have storage requirements. In recent years, with the continuous development of economy, the transformation of the concept of mass consumption and the improvement of consumption level, people's demand for storage in public places has increased. With the development of science and technology, lockers with electronic lock are becoming the storage tools we often use.


A product can be widely accepted and used by users, an important reason is that it really meets the needs of users. Electronic lockers are very popular because they meet the storage needs of the masses and provide people with a safer and more convenient life experience. So, what are the secrets of electronic lockers that are more popular than traditional lockers?

The answer is electronic locks. The lockers with electronic locks are not only easy to operate, improve the user's access efficiency, but also more secure and reliable, so that users can safely store their personal items even in places with large traffic such as railway stations, hospitals, airports, etc. At present, the common electronic locks in the market are inductive lock, password lock and fingerprint lock. Among them, inductive lock combines RFID technology with IC / ID / hid card technology, which has good encryption performance, strong anti-interference ability, simple and convenient operation, and is widely used.


Although widely used, inductive locks are not perfect. Due to its limitations, most inductive locks are not suitable for use in harsh environments such as cold, high temperature, and humidity. In addition, inductive locks often face the problem that the locker cannot be opened due to insufficient power or no power. In response to the most common problems above, MAKE has improved the induction lock to meet the needs of users to the greatest extent.



The intelligent electronic induction lock MK720 produced by Make is an RFID intelligent electronic lock made of ABS material, which is easy to install and operate. The MK720 is equipped with a wristband key. There are 3 levels of wristband keys that can open the lock by induction. The shape is exquisite and small, and the appearance is beautiful, which fully meet the needs of users.


At the same time, the special material and technical design of MK720 allow it to be used normally in the harsh environment of cold, high temperature, humidity and dust. It can be applied to cabinets and doors of all kinds of metal, wood and plastic shutters in schools, hospitals, offices, swimming pools and other places. In addition, the MK720 is also equipped with a special emergency power supply, which can quickly charge when the induction lock is in low or no power, so that users can open the locker even with the lack of power or low power.


Reliable locks, optimal choice. The electronic lock of lockers manufactured and designed by Meike is easy to operate, and the electronic key is exquisite and beautiful. It not only enhances the security, but also solves the limitations of the electronic lock itself, meets the various demands of users for the electronic lock, and has been well received by users.