Your office life, lit by MAKE office furniture locks

- Dec 12, 2019-

In daily life and work, for most office workers, the office furniture that gets in touch with each other most of the time should be. Office furniture can not only create a beautiful and comfortable office environment for us, improve work enthusiasm and efficiency, but also reflect the company's culture, environment and atmosphere in unique designs and layouts, highlighting the company's unique image.

Nowadays, office furniture has become an indispensable tool in our daily life, and office furniture locks are an important link to ensure the safety of our personal belongings and office environment. The importance of daily life is naturally self-evident. However, what should be paid attention to when choosing office furniture locks?


When choosing an office furniture lock, the first thing to pay attention to is the security of the lock. At present, in order to improve the communication and collaboration capabilities of company employees, the design of open offices is favored by many companies. However, this open office design is difficult to guarantee the safety of office furniture, which brings hidden concerns to the storage of personal belongings. Therefore, when choosing office furniture locks, it is very important to choose office furniture locks with high security.

Second, when choosing office furniture locks, we must also pay attention to the aesthetics of the locks, and whether they are suitable for the office environment and office furniture. The office is a place other than home, where we have more contact. The beautiful and comfortable office environment is more likely to improve everyone's work efficiency and motivation.

The unique appearance design of office furniture locks can not only create details and beautify the office environment, but also make the office environment no longer dull and give everyone a sense of happiness and security. Therefore, although as a detail in daily office life, we must pay extra attention to the aesthetics and fitness of the lock when choosing office furniture locks.

As a leader in the office furniture lock industry, MAKE has always focused on the combination of product characteristics and user needs, and has developed a series of office lock products suitable for wood, sheet metal, plastic and other materials, and attaches great importance to original designs. At present, MAKE has more than 50 domestic patents and 6 international invention patents.

MAKE's smart locks, combination locks, mechanical locks and many other series, whether it is the material of the lock, the lock core, or the structure of the lock, have implemented strict quality control to fully guarantee the quality of the product and the safety of the user's office environment.

At the same time, MAKE also takes safety, practicality, environmental protection and art as its responsibility, and attaches great importance to the aesthetics of lock design. The different series of locks produced by MAKE not only have a simple and elegant appearance, environmental protection technology, and a wide range of applications, but also meet the various requirements of users. They provide customers with one-stop security solutions and lead the new trend of Chinese office furniture locks.

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