A New Form Of Password Lock

- Nov 01, 2019-

A new form of password lock

Swipe card type password lock: swipe card type password lock can open the door of the safe with its own IC card, which is easy to operate, responsive and with high security performance. However, the requirements for IC card are relatively high. If the IC card is in contact with a strong magnetic object, the magnetic strength of the IC card may be weakened and the password lock cannot be opened.

Fingerprint type password lock: each fingerprint is unique in the world, so the application of fingerprint identification technology to password lock used to be a major breakthrough in the lock industry, which is characterized by strong confidentiality, convenience and speed. However, it also has strict requirements on the dry humidity and the position of the fingers. If the fingerprints are accidentally injured, it may face the embarrassing situation that the identification fails to enter the door.

In addition, from the point of view of the password disk of the password lock, it can also be divided into turntable type password lock, dial type password lock, key type password lock and touch screen type password lock. No matter what form of password disk, the most important thing to check is the level of its security key. It must not be induced by its appearance alone. It's more complex, and the technology is not mature in mechanical category, so the mechanical password lock is slightly better.

There are many kinds of password locks with different functions. Although their security performance is very high, users must avoid some common password setting habits when setting passwords, such as birthday, 1234, 6666, 8888 and other common passwords, so as not to leave opportunities for thieves to crack.