Make's Cam Lock - The Security Of Advertising Lightbox

- Jul 17, 2019-

Lightbox advertising and marketing, as its name implies, is an advertisement for advertising slogans, posters, videos, etc. through advertising light boxes, in order to achieve the effect of advertising, attracting the public's attention, triggering their desire to purchase, increasing the brand awareness, and promoting new product highlights. Most of the advertising light boxes are laid in airports, railway stations, subways, bus stations, shopping plazas, toll stations, parking lots, banks, photo studios, etc., and are definitely a shining pearl in the advertising industry. The development trend should not be underestimated. Advertising light boxes can bring such great economic benefits. In addition to the attractiveness of advertising itself, there are also guarantees for internal and external configuration. Built-in battery, using fluorescent tube or LED light as light source, realizes the orderly jump of text, pattern and animation, alternates with glow, combines movement and static, brings strong visual impact, satisfies the viewer's visual experience, and promotes the advertiser to obtain maximum economic benefits. Externally equipped with advertising light box cam lock, its high security and high quality performance protects the battery with certain economical value from being stolen, preventing the door of the advertising light box  from accidentally opening and hurting passers-by, effectively avoiding accidents such as accidental electric shock when touching the wire.

Make's cam lock  - the security of advertising lightbox

It can be seen that the advertising light box lock could be the soul of the advertising light box, whose existence plays a very important role in providing security for the advertising light box 24 hours. At present, the most widely used advertising light box lock is the cam lock, which is composed of a lock sleeve, a compression spring, a blade, a lock core, an elastic lock ring and a key. The lock body is small, convenient to install, complicated in structure, and with high safety. It takes about 270 minutes for the general technology to open. The working principle of the cam lock is to use the key teeth with different angles of the bevel on the key to rotate and align the blades with different angle changes in the lock cylinder, thereby realizing the rotation of the lock cylinder. To put it simply, when the key is inserted into the lock cylinder, a straight groove is formed by all the notches in the lock cylinder. Under the action of the elastic force, the movable pin in the lock core and the middle case will fall. At this time, the key is turned to drive the lock cylinder. The core drives the middle case and the lock is opened.

Make's cam lock  - the security of advertising lightbox
In most cases, the form of advertising is not static, which needs to be replaced or updated regularly, and the advertising light box will be opened irregularly. Correspondingly, the cam lock will be unlocked several times. Therefore, when the cam lock is selected, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality control, check the product performance test report and other information. In addition, if your advertising light box is set in the open air, it must face wind, sun, and rain, hence you need to choose waterproof, moisture-proof, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant cam lock.

Make's cam lock  - the security of advertising lightbox

Considerations over the cam lock : First, you must ensure that the key is inserted in the correct direction; the key handle should be perpendicular to the ground, that is, the raised part of the key handle is completely above, and the key must be inserted in the end to rotate clockwise. Secondly, it is best to use the cam lock made of stainless steel, zinc alloy, high quality copper, etc., which can effectively prevent water, moisture and dust. Finally, the person responsible for advertising the light box should regularly maintain it, check whether the cam lock can be used normally, whether it is damaged, and never leave a risk hazard.

In summary, the right and suitable cam lock with high quality is the best choice for your lightbox advertising and marketing.