Office Furniture Lock

- Nov 01, 2019-

Office furniture lock

The safety performance of office furniture lock ranks first in the office area with a private space, which is also the vital demand of many office workers. In the office, the deepest feeling is: "wait for me, I want to lock the drawer, but I can't find the key." "Sometimes I feel that I have more time at work than at home, so I must be happy to work." So, how important is a comfortable and safe office environment. The wonderful way to deal with the details of the lock is to use the four digit code lock, so that you can easily get rid of the trouble of looking for the key, and the unique design, the four digit integrated code probe can quickly retrieve the password, and it is also equipped with the key management emergency lock.

Colorful and simple Department discussion corner, often the sand ground of brainstorming, makes the "small universe" explosion possible. Bright color space, pay attention to the space of storage function, and then configure simple office furniture and handy office furniture lock, so that the mood is comfortable when meeting, and ensure the continuous divergent thinking. The appearance of the four digit code of the office furniture of the Art Co., Ltd. is simple and elegant with various colors, which can form a sharp contrast with the office furniture here. The lock has a handle on the side, saving time for opening and locking the cabinet, and making the meeting simple and efficient.